About Us


Buffalo Weaver is an American Textile manufacturer with the ability to use both custom materials and a variety of natural and synthetic substrates.

Our mission is to simplify your buying experience, improve your finished product in both quality, fabric design and structural detail.  All this with some of the best pricing in the industry. 

Why Choose Buffalo Weaver?

At Buffalo Weaver, we pride ourselves on our product innovation, and understand that through that innovation is our path to continued growth in the Industry. We enjoy the challenges that your weaving needs present to us in fulfilling your requirements.

Buffalo Weaver has also attained operational efficiencies that provide our customers that best costs possible, which are often lower than overseas alternatives.

We look for weaving opportunities not only in paper but in other materials as well, here are a few we have used:

  • Vinyl

  • Fiberglass

  • Leather and Faux Leather

  • Natural Fibers

  • Your Own Unique Material

The Best People Make the Best Products

Many of our highly-skilled craftsmen have been perfecting their craft for multiple decades, and generously pass on this knowledge to the next generation.

Our people would appreciate an opportunity to work with you and review together any new project to determine fit.

Marine - Furniture - Filtration - Ceiling - Construction -Automotive -Packaging Window Dressings are a few examples of our industry applications.

Please fill out the contact form here, we would love to hear from you!